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Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 1 Python and Sparrow Swallow the Dragon

The brightly lit inner palace was a dazzling yet imposing sight. Green smoke rose in spirals from the green rock that burned within each oil lamp, and weaved about in the palace.

The green rocks were blue sandalwood. They gave off a rare fragrance when burnt that had a meditative effect and was one of the necessities for cultivation. However, such items were not cheap. Hence, their usage as fuel was enough to show the status of the palace’s owner.

A middle-aged man stood within the inner palace with his hands behind his back. Unwavering determination decorated his face, and his eyes contained a dignified aura, evidence that he had occupied a high ranking position for a long time. A faint aura appeared to rise behind him, which seemed to fluctuate between fire and lightning as it emitted muffled rumbling sounds.

However, if one looked towards his right arm, one would find that there was nothing there. His right arm had been severed.

At this man’s side was a beautiful woman in palace garments. Her lovely body was slim, and her features were natural and pretty. However, her face appeared exceptionally pale and sickly.

At this current time, the man and woman, whom were clearly of substantial status, had a sliver of worry on their faces, as they looked at the thirteen year old youngster seated on a bed in front of them. The youngster’s body was rather frail and his eyes were tightly shut. However, a tendril of blood Qi circled on a face that should have been brimming with youthful energy.

While the strange blood Qi roamed beneath his skin, the bitter and resentful howl of a dragon faintly echoed.

As the dragon howl resounded, the veins on the youngster’s forehead squirmed, while his body shook continuously. His face twisted as if he was bearing an indescribable pain.

By the youngster’s side was a white haired old man holding a copper mirror in his hand. Soft light shined from the copper mirror onto the youngster’s body. Under this light, the strange blood Qi on the youngster’s face gradually began to calm down.

The blood Qi persisted for a single incense stick of time before finally retreating. In the end, it withdrew into the youngster’s palm.

The white haired old man immediately breathed a sigh of relief as if he had been relieved of a great burden. Subsequently, he turned around and bowed to the worriedly waiting middle-aged man and beautiful woman in palace garments.

“Congratulations your majesties,” he said. “His highness has at long last passed this triennial ordeal. There should be no problems in the following three years.”

Joy was revealed on the faces of the middle-aged man and woman in palace garments when they heard this, and their tightly clenched fists gradually loosened.

The dignified man in bright yellow robes looked at the white haired elder in an expectant manner and asked, “Master Qin, Yuan’er is already thirteen this year. Youngsters at this age usually have eight meridian channels, and can start their cultivation. What about Yuan’er?”

Upon hearing this question, the white haired elder’s expression immediately dimmed somewhat, before he lightly shook his head and replied, “Your majesty, I was still unable to find the eight meridian channels in his highness’ body this time...”

The dignified man’s expression similarly dimmed when he heard this.

In this world, the Dao of cultivation started within one’s body. The body possessed countless meridian channels, and most important amongst them were the eight great channels. With the exception of some unique circumstances, an ordinary person’s eight channels would gradually form when they were about thirteen years of age. It was at this time that these eight channels needed to be found. Only by finding the eight channels would one be able to start cultivating; by taking in the Genesis energy of the land, and opening the eight channels.

This was the Channel Opening stage, and was where all cultivation began.

Through this, cultivators were able to take in the Genesis energy of the land, and completely transform themselves. Hence, they were known as Genesis Masters.

Master Qin gazed at the disappointment on the middle-aged man’s face, and could not help but softly sigh, “His highness was originally born with the sacred dragon blessing. He would have stunned the world and looked down upon the heavens. Who could have foreseen that such a calamity would occur...”

The middle-aged man’s fists clenched tightly, while the beautiful lady’s eyes reddened. She covered her mouth and violently coughed twice.

“My queen, please take care of yourself,” Master Qin hastily said upon seeing this. “You have lost a great amount of essence blood from nourishing his highness. You cannot allow your emotions to run wild.”

However, the beautiful lady in palace garments merely waved her hand. Sorrow surfaced in her eyes, as she looked at the youngster seated on the bed, “The poison in Yuan’er’s body erupts once every three years. Each outbreak is more serious than the last. He can only rely on himself to eradicate the poison, yet his eight meridian channels have yet to appear. What is to be done three years from now?”

Master Qin was silent for some time, before he slowly replied, “After three years, external suppression will lose its effect, and if this situation persists, I’m afraid that his highness’ hopes are bleak.”

The moment these words were said, silence blanketed the inner palace. The middle-aged man’s fists tightly clenched, as his body faintly shook, while sobbing noises were emitted through the covered mouth of the lady in palace garments.

A rather young yet calm voice suddenly emerged within this silence.

“Does that mean... I only have three years left?”

The three people in the palace were stunned upon hearing this. They quickly looked up, only to find that the youngster on the bed had opened his eyes at some unknown time, and was now staring at them.

The three exchanged a look. It was evident that none of them had expected the youngster to awaken so quickly. In the past, he had remained unconscious for two or three days before slowly awakening.


The name of this youngster, who had been called Yuan’er, was Zhou Yuan, and the middle-aged man and lady before his eyes were the king and queen of the Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu.

Zhou Yuan’s young face was rather pale, as he pursed his lips. Perhaps because his body had been frail since young, he could only read books, and thus looked rather scholarly. After being silent for a moment, he slowly extended his hand.

A dark blood-red lump could be seen at the center of his palm, which seemed to be embedded in the deepest part of his flesh. It slowly wiggled and squirmed, looking just like a threatening blood dragon. A faint yet extremely bitter and resentful aura seemed to rise from within it, causing one to shiver although it was not cold.

“Father, Mother... I believe it is time to tell me exactly what is happening to me, right?”

Zhou Yuan involuntarily gritted his teeth, as he stared at the tiny blood-dragon-like-thing on his palm. It was this very thing that made him feel what could be called pain beyond death.

Every three years, this thing would begin to act up. It brought with it an endless pain, that felt as if it was devouring the flesh on his body inch by inch.

When they heard Zhou Yuan’s words, Zhou Qing and Qin Yu’s faces lost a substantial amount of color. Zhou Qing in particular, tightly clenched his fists, as extreme remorse and self-blame surfaced on his face.

This silence lasted for a long time. Even the atmosphere seemed to grow rather heavy, before Zhou Qing finally inhaled deeply, and said in a hoarse voice, “That is the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.”

“Dragon’s Resentment Poison?” Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together, failing to comprehend.

Zhou Qing’s hands trembled somewhat as he tousled Zhou Yuan’s hair and continued, “It is time for you to know of these matters. Yuan’er, you should know that you are the sacred dragon of our Zhou Clan!”

Zhou Yuan could not help but let out a bitter laugh. Was there really such a miserable sacred dragon? Even the eight channels in his body could not be found.

Zhou Qing sat down at Zhou Yuan’s side. His voice was low as he spoke, “Yuan’er, the current Great Zhou Empire can perhaps only be considered a small and unimportant country, but what you do not know, is that fifteen years ago, Great Zhou was a powerful nation. Every country came to pay homage to us, and our might was overwhelming to all.”

Shock surfaced on Zhou Yuan’s small face. Amongst the numerous empires that dotted this boundless continent, Great Zhou Empire was really not very noteworthy at all. How could he ever imagine that it possessed such status in the past?

“Do you know of the Great Wu Empire?” Zhou Qing slowly spoke each word of this name, as if he intended to carve it into his heart.

“The Great Wu Empire?” Zhou Yuan nodded. The Great Wu Empire was one of the top level empires of this vast continent. It was a flourishing nation that contained countless Genesis Masters. In comparison, Great Zhou was akin to a dwarf before a giant.

Zhou Qing’s eyes were dyed red bit by bit at this moment. Deep hatred was revealed within them, “Then do you know that fifteen years ago, the current royal family of Great Wu was merely one of the subjects of the Great Zhou Empire?”

A sliver of astonishment finally appeared in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. The Great Wu royal family was once a subject of Great Zhou? Was Great Zhou actually so powerful fifteen years ago?

“Then... then how did things turn out like this?” Zhou Yuan could not help but inquire.

“When Great Zhou was established several hundred years ago, the Wu clan followed at our side, as we waged war all over. They were loyal and devoted vassals. Later on, Great Zhou established a country, and in recognition of their service, we conferred upon the Wu clan the hereditary title of king Wu, allowing them to enjoy an endless amount of privilege and power. And so in the next hundred years, the Wu clan guarded the Great Zhou’s borders, intimidating anyone who saw them.”

Zhou Qing’s body faintly shook, as veins of blood climbed out in his eyes, “However, who could have expected that the Wu clan would suddenly rebel fifteen years ago? Only then did our Zhou royal clan realise that after hiding their strength and biding their time over the years, the Wu clan already possessed extremely great power, and even the numerous conferred kings had been enticed to their side.

“In the short period of less than a year, our Zhou clan was utterly defeated, and could only escape towards the south. We fled towards our Zhou clan’s ancestral land, which is also now the current Great Zhou’s territory.

“I do not know why the Wu clan rebelled, the status they enjoyed in Great Zhou was not the least bit less than the royal clan...

“It was only later, that a spy obtained some information from the Wu clan. A certain prophecy that had been passed down in the inner circle of the Wu clan for several hundred years...”

“A prophecy?” Zhou Yuan was slightly stunned.

Zhou Qing gritted his teeth, as he spat out each word, “Python and sparrow swallow the dragon, and the Great Wu will rise and flourish!”

“Python and sparrow swallow the dragon, and the Great Wu will rise and flourish?” Zhou Yuan softly repeated these words, but he failed to understand the meaning behind them. “What does it mean?”

Zhou Qing’s eyes turned scarlet red at this moment. Incomparable grief flooded his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan, “Back then, I too did not understand the exact meaning behind these words, until a certain day...”

“After Great Zhou was completely defeated, I led what was left of our people, and continuously retreated. The Wu clan tightly pursued us till we came to this Great Zhou City beneath our feet. However, the Wu clan merely surrounded us and did not attack, as if they were waiting for something.”

“What were they waiting for?” Zhou Yuan felt a sense of unease.

Zhou Qing stared at Zhou Yuan. From the expression on the former’s face, it was as if he was crying inside. The mixture of such despair and anger made Zhou Yuan’s heart tremble.

“They were waiting for you to be born.”

Zhou Qing’s words caused Zhou Yuan’s heart to shudder violently. He had been caught completely off guard.

By the side, Zhou Yuan’s mother, Qin Yu, was already covering her mouth. Sobs that had been suppressed to the limit were emitted.

“Do you know what it was like when you were born?” Zhou Qing gazed at Zhou Yuan with red eyes. “Yuan’er, the moment you were born, a mystical sign appeared in the heavens. Dragon Qi swirled around you, and a dragon roar shook the land. It was the sign of the sacred dragon.”

“Your eight meridian channels naturally opened at birth, allowing you to skip the Channel Opening stage, and reach the Qi nourishing level.”

“This is known as the legendary one-in-a-billion sacred dragon blessing, which bestows upon one the potential to reach the greater cultivation stages. As our Zhou clan’s unprecedented sacred dragon, you would have shined as brightly as the sun and moon, and have the longevity of the land!”

Zhou Qing’s voice was overflowing with emotion, while his entire body violently shook. One could imagine just how emotionally moved he had been when Zhou Yuan was born. The heavens had not forsaken the Zhou clan, and allowed them to welcome the birth of a sacred dragon during such a calamity.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened. It was clear that he was unable to believe that such a phenomenon had appeared when he was born.

“Then... then why...?” His hands trembled slightly, as he touched his body. Since his eight meridian channels were naturally open, why were they now unable to be found in his body?

Zhou Qing’s emotional voice came to an abrupt halt. The brilliance in his eyes seemed to vanish completely at this moment. There was only deep sadness within them, as he explained in a dejected manner, “Because the moment you were born, king Wu’s wife also gave birth to a son and daughter outside the city. Python Qi coiled around the baby boy, while spirit sparrow Qi was present around the baby girl’s head. Both were also blessed by destiny!”

“Moreover, according to the information we obtained, king Wu’s wife had been pregnant for a whole three years without giving birth, yet she suddenly gave birth that day...”

“I never understood why before, but it finally became clear at that moment. It is said that those born on the same year, month, and day may devour each other’s destiny. It turns out that the many years of plotting by the Wu clan was not simply targeted at Great Zhou, but at the dragon of our Zhou clan!”

Zhou Yuan’s mouth opened and closed. A chill swiftly spread from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. “It was a scheme!”

How could there be such a coincidence. It was obvious that this plot had been brewing for a hundred years, and was aimed at their Zhou clan... a grand scheme that was specifically aimed at him.

For this, they had even used all means to stop king Wu’s wife from giving birth for three years. It was all done in wait for him!

Zhou Qing nodded his head, and continued in a hoarse voice, “It was indeed a scheme. The Wu clan had patiently waited in Great Zhou for several hundred years. They had fought our battles for us, and gained our full trust. However, who could have expected that their centuary long wait was all for your arrival!?”

“That day, king Wu entered the city and threatened us with the lives of hundreds and millions of Great Zhou citizens. He wanted to seize your sacred dragon blessing in front of your mother and I...” At this point, tears of blood flowed out from Zhou Qing’s eyes.

By the side, Master Qin also wore an expression of sorrow, as he continued in a low voice, “That day, to protect your highness, his majesty fought king Wu on the Great Zhou mountain, but was no match for the latter, and one of his arms was severed. If that king Wu was not afraid that the others would destroy his highness’ sacred dragon blessing, it is likely that even his majesty would have died at the king Wu’s hands.”

“To smoothly seize his highness’ destiny, king Wu made an oath. Great Wu would not take even half a step into Great Zhou for the next hundred years.”

As that frightening scene once again surged out from the depths of her mind, Qin Yu could no longer restrain her emotions. She fell to her knees before Zhou Yuan, tightly hugging him, as she started to sob in a heart wrenching manner.

“Yuan’er! My pitiful son! Mother has let you down!”

The cruel memories from that day were once again bloodily torn open. She clearly recalled how the recently born Zhou Yuan was used as an array eye, and placed on the altar that king Wu had set up.

Joining him on the altar were king Wu’s recently born son and daughter.

However, one was being stolen from, while the other two were taking.

The stripping of fate was akin to peeling off one’s flesh. Such pain was unimaginable.

The Qin Yu at that time had been glowing with joy mere moments before. She could only helplessly watch her child bear an endless amount of pain, so much so, that even his young cries became hoarse.

Such despair and powerlessness had caused her to faint.


Due to this sudden surge of emotions, Qin Yu’s face instantly paled. A mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily vomited, dyeing Zhou Yuan’s hair red.

“What’s wrong, mother?” Zhou Yuan was greatly alarmed. He hastily helped Qin Yu wipe the blood at the corner of her mouth.

Master Qin also rushed over from the side. Gentle energy spread from his palm, and poured into Qin Yu through the top of her head, helping her steady the Qi and blood in her body. He looked at the pale Qin Yu, before he sighed towards Zhou Yuan, “Your highness, please do not blame his majesty and her majesty for being unable to protect you. Back then, his majesty had given his all, and almost died in battle.”

“As for her majesty, after your destiny was stolen, she infused her own essence blood into your body. Subsequently, she gave you blood every year, allowing your highness to live till this day. However, her majesty had to pay an extremely huge price. Every time she gave her blood, her lifespan would be cut by three years. Over the past twelve years, her lifespan has already been shortened by thirty six years. This is an enormous blow to her health, and she now has less than ten years to live.”

“What?! What did you say?!”

It was as if a lightning bolt had struck Zhou Yuan when he heard this. Veins of blood crazily climbed out in his eyes. He had never reacted so strongly even previously when he heard that his destiny had been stolen. After all, these events had occurred when he was still too young. Hence, he did not have overly strong feelings towards the sacred dragon blessing. Even if it was seized, he would only feel somewhat shocked.

Although the fact that he had been the target of the Wu clan’s century long plot had caused huge waves of shock to rise in his heart, he was able to suppress them. However, when he found out that they had forced his beloved mother to deplete her life force, an uncontrollable killing intent rose within Zhou Yuan’s heart for the very first time.

Thus, when Zhou Yuan heard Master Qin’s words, he could no longer control his emotions. The blood in his body frantically rushed towards his head, causing his face to turn blood red. That delicate and immature face now appeared rather sinister.

“Wu clan, you dare to cause harm to my mother! You truly deserve to die!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were blood red. Overflowing rage and killing intent surged in his heart, while his entire body shook.

Zhou Qing carried Qin Yu, and leaned her against a jade couch. His hair seemed to be a little whiter, and his dignified aura had practically vanished as he numbly said, “It has been said that since the Wu clan’s foundations were weak, sufficient destiny is needed for them to establish a country, allow their line to continue, and awe everyone with their power. With regards to all this, your sacred dragon blessing was the ideal.”

“King Wu seized your destiny, and granted it to his son and daughter. Henceforth, Great Wu was protected by the dragon and phoenix, allowing their country to prosper. The flourishing Great Wu Empire owes everything to your stolen destiny.”

“Meanwhile, forcibly taking away your sacred dragon blessing naturally gave rise to intense resentment. That king Wu purposely sealed this resentment in your body, thus creating the Dragon’s Resentment Poison. It continuously strengthens itself by devouring your essence blood until a certain day where it will finally mature. Then, it will erupt and completely devour your life force.”

“Meanwhile, your sacred dragon root was damaged, causing your naturally formed eight meridian channels to disappear. Till now, your eight meridian channels have yet to show themselves, making your journey of cultivation extremely difficult...”

Zhou Qing’s tone was rather bleak, and contained an endless feeling of powerlessness. It was difficult to imagine how much despair that day had been to their Zhou clan.

On that day, the python and sparrow cried outside the city. Multi-colored lights had exploded, while they seized the opportunity to transform.

On that day, the sacred dragon wailed inside the city, turning into green smoke that rose in spirals, before fading away.

This was the python and sparrow swallowing the dragon.

Rebirth as a mage

Chapter 1 Prelude to The Passing Through

Late at night, in the sky without stars and moon, a fierce wind was roaring, filling up the sky with blown sand. The dark and dense clouds seem to envelop the world. At this time, a shadow was staggering along, bursting in the wildwoods of Yunan frontier. Suddenly this figure seemed to stumble a bit, and fell awkwardly on the ground.

Crackle, a silvery lightning streak across the horizon illuminating the pale complexion of this figure. He was approximately a little over 30 in age. He was bald without even a blade of a grass in his head, but his eyebrows were very thick, and his long and narrow red phoenix eyes were cold and ruthless. There was a long scar from the corner of his eyes slanting to his chin, which somewhat increased a color of cruelty and brutality to his visage.

The figure struggled to climb up as the blood flowed out from the wound of his chest and back. His clothing was already dyed dark red.

“Come out, now do the people of Dragon Group likes to hide the head but show the tail?” The shadow weakly leaned against a big tree, but his taunting voice was powerful and vigorous.

He barely finished speaking and seven figures silently appeared out of thin air, completely surrounding him. Now he was trapped in the middle with all of his possible escape route blocked.

“Long Yi (lit. Dragon One), return back, don’t keep on making mistakes.” A voice that resembled both the voice of a man and a woman resounded in the air. Hearing this voice, people would involuntarily feel creepy.

“Return back, can I still return back? How can I return back? Long Wu (lit. Dragon Five), you should be clearer than me about what order has been pass down from higher-ups.” Long Yi loudly laughed bleakly.

“Long Yi, allow us to arrest you, then I will try my best to plead higher-ups for you.” Long Wu was dumbfounded and his voice contained some helplessness.

“Plead, hahaha, I, Long Yi don’t need it. You must be dreaming if you think that I will allow myself to be arrested with my hands tied.” Long Yi was leaning on the big tree but his momentum however was gradually rising to its peak.

“Long Yi, can it be that you really want to oppose our nation?” Long Wu asked in a stern voice.

“What is wrong with me taking revenge for Little Qi (Seven)? I just killed that *** minister, what is wrong with it? Little Qi also has done numerous extraordinary services for the nation, but what did the nation give her in return? She absolutely cannot be sacrificed like this in vain, you all are clear about it.” When Long Yi mention Little Qi, this name, a trace of tenderness and pain flashed through his eyes.

Looking at Long Yi who seemed to be roaring like a wounded beast, Long Wu’s hand unconsciously trembled slightly, and his lips also twitched. Then, hardening his heart, he made the gesture to attack.

Rumble, with the clap of thunder, the rainwater accumulated for a long time finally cascaded down crazily. Dragon Group was the most mysterious organization in China with all members being capable and top-rated powerhouses including people with special power and talents. And among them, Long Yi was the only person who was able to use spirit power cultivating an ancient martial technique of China to the point of perfection, moreover, he was the strongest person within Dragon Group. If this was usual times, then Long Wu along with these six members of Dragon Group could never win again Long Yi, but at this moment, Dragon Group and also the assassins that came from ** sect had already been chasing him for three months. And after experience big and small battles several hundred times, he had already received serious injuries, so how could he resist Long Wu and the elites of Dragon Group he led?

Long Yi looked at those seven figures rushing towards him, and his momentum reached the peak, but the scene of these seven people growing up bit by bit flashed through his mind. These seven people were adopted by the nation from childhood, and after going through various inhuman training, they rose above others and entered Dragon Group. Long Qi was the only woman among them, and she was proficient in assassination and computer. She grew up to become innocent and graceful, and was the angel in the heart of these people. Although they didn’t speak honestly, everyone knew that unlike her appearance, Long Qi was frightening, but one year ago, Long Qi went to ** to carry out a task, but no one knew how the information was leaked, but she was besieged which lead to her death. And in the rage, Long Yi alone went to ** and killed several hundred big and small officials of ** along with several thousand casualties among common people of **. This greatly strained the relation of two countries, nearly leading to a war.

“Now that the nation doesn’t want to let me off, it would best to die at the hands of my brothers. Little Qi, wait for me, we will meet very soon.” Long Yi muttered in his heart, and when seven figures used their different style techniques towards him, he suddenly withdrew his momentum, and received them unguarded.

Boom, Long Yi was sent flying as if a broken string kite, and blood flowed out from all his body, but he had a carefree smile on his face.

Crackle, boom, suddenly a lightning which was as thick as bucket rained down from the dense black cloud, directly striking Long Yi who was in the midst of flying. Under the powerful electric current, Long Yi was completely evaporated into particles without leaving any remaining.

Long Wu blankly grabbed a piece of cloth that slowly floated down. And now, it was unable to differentiate whether it was tears or rainwater that was sliding down his face........

Against The Gods

Chapter 1 Reborn in Another World

Yun Che, the only student of god of medicine, has saved countless people by following his teacher over the years.

But the major sects killed his teacher in order to snatch the Sky Poison Pearl which is known as the number one holy object of Azure Cloud Continent.

The teacher gave the Sky Poison Pearl to Yun Che before he died.

Seven years later, Yun Che was besieged by the major sects on the highest cliff of Azure Cloud Continent. He has no retreat now.

He glared at everyone in his field of vision with hatred in his eyes and laughed coldly. As soon as his laughter reached the level of ice, he roared: “You son of a b*tches, you want my Sky Poison Pearl… You. Are . All. Daydreaming!!"

After making this deep proclamation, Yun Che suddenly raised his hand and threw the Sky Poison Pearl in his mouth. He then pushed the pearl down his throat and it instantly rushed straight into his stomach.

"What.... What are you doing!"

"He actually... swallowed the Sky Poison Pearl!"

"Yun Che! Do you want to die that badly!"

"It’s fine, no big deal, we will kill him and take the pearl!"

The Sky Poison Pearl entered his body, but the poison didn’t spread out in his body and kill him like they thought it would. A faint green light emitted from the surface of his body.

"Kill him now! Otherwise the Sky Poison Pearl may change inside his body. That would be a huge problem!"

Roaring, a dozen people in the front row went for Yun Che at the same time. Looking at the bodies of people that he wanted to destroy, Yun Che began to laugh. His laughter was weak and dry but still very arrogant: “I don 't have the ability to kill you guys, but don't think that you can kill me! You pieces of trash are not worthy of this Sky Poison Pearl, but even more unworthy of killing me. If I die, I would die by my own hands! Ha ha ha ha..."

After laughing Yun Che used every bit of his last strength to jump backwards.

"Stop him!!!"

Several hands reached out to Yun Che after realizing his intent but could not even grasp half his shadow. They could only watch as his body free falled down into the valley.

There is nothing to hold me back for I no longer have ties in this world. Unfortunately… I could't avenge my teacher… nor find my biological parents.

Yun Che gently held the silver pendant in front of his chest. It was the only thing he had on him when his teacher found him. The wind screamed past his ears as he slowly closed his eyes and let his body plunge deep into the seemingly endless dark abyss.


Uh, the protagonist is dead, the novel is over? No, no, the story has just begun!


Yun Che’s consciousness gradually awakened.

What’s going on… How is it that I have not died? I vividly remember that I jumped off Cloud’s End Cliff, how can I still be alive! Somehow my body is not in pain… And I do not even feel the slightest discomfort? How is this happening?

Yun Che suddenly opened his eyes and quickly sat up. He found himself in a comfortably soft bed, with a red banner hanging above him, rendering a festive atmosphere.

“Ah! Xiao Che! You… You woke up!”

A girl’s gasp of surprise was heard from his ear and the same girl appeared in his line of sight.

At a glance the girl dressed in green looked to be 15 or 16 years of age. She was as fair as snow with charming rosy lips and a delicate nose. A touching look of deep surprise was expressed by eyes as clear and transparent as a pool of translucent spring water. Her face exuded a dazzling gentleness and softness. At this young age, she already exhibited such charm, who can possibly imagine what sort of beauty she would be in the future.

Staring at the nearby girl, Yun Che took a closer look and unconsciously let two words escape his lips: “Little Aunt?”

The fair girl lifted her jade-like hands onto Yun Che’s forehead and relaxed soon after. With a joyful expression, she spoke: “How delightful; your temperature is almost back to normal. You nearly scared me to death. Xiao Che, are you okay? Tell me if you feel uncomfortable anywhere.”

In the face of the girl’s eyes that filled with deep concern, Yun Che woodenly shook his head. He stared openly into space with a vacant gaze.

“Rest here for a while, I’ll go and tell your grandpa that you’re awake. Today is your day! When you fainted, your grandfather almost went crazy and personally went to find Dr. Seto for you.”

The girl was in such a rush that she did not notice the abnormality of Yun Che’s current state. She pushed Yun Che’s shoulders, signaling him to lie back on the bed and hurriedly left.

As the door shut Yun Che sat up on the bed, hands clutching his head.

This was one of the cities in the far east located in one of the Seven Empires of the Profound Sky Continent — Floating Cloud City. And he was the only grandson of the fifth Elder in the Xiao clan — Xiao Che! He had just turned sixteen this year.

That was his current identity.

Suddenly, his memory overlapped with Azure Cloud Continent’s 20 or so years of memory and he burst into confusion.

If I am Xiao Che… Then why do I have memories of Azure Cloud Continent?

Is it because I traveled to this body after I died in Azure Cloud Continent?

No! I am obviously Xiao Che! This entire room is familiar to me and I clearly remember all the events of my childhood. Everything from my memory was from personal experience and there is no way I would steal another’s memory!

Then was everything from Azure Cloud Continent all just a dream? Was it only after I jumped off Jue Yun cliff that I truly woke up?

But the memories of living in Azure Cloud Continent were as clear as day.. How could those twenty-four years of love and hatred be only just a dream!

What the hell is going on?

Yun Che… The now Xiao Che stilled for a long time as he slowly calmed down and settled his thoughts.

It was still early in the morning and the sky has not fully brightened. Today was his and Xia Clan’s big wedding day. Two hours ago he was woken up by his Little Aunt and put on his red wedding robe. He ate the porridge his Little Aunt personally made and lost all the strength in his body. He did not remember anything that happened after that.

He did not wake up until now.

A strange smell came from his lips and Xiao Che’s lips tucked slightly. His expression darkened.

This is….. Murdering Heart Powder!!

In those years that he lived on Azure Cloud Continent, with the Sky Poison Pearl in his body, Yun Che learned about all the poisons present in the entire world and it could be said that there is no poison he was not familiar with. He could identify a poison’s name and effect with just a whiff. At the same time, because the Sky Poison Pearl, he was impervious. He could not be hurt by any poison, no matter how toxic it was.

Murdering Heart Powder was made by combining a unique soul grass and the purple striae from a cherry-apple tree. If dissolved in water, the poison is colorless and tasteless. A person would lose his life ten seconds after the poison entered the body and nobody would know the cause of death for it was also a traceless poison.

Xiao Che’s eyes clouded over and instantly understood what had happened.

In fact, he did not really faint but instead he drank the porridge containing the Murdering Heart Powder, but was poisoned to death! He was born in Azure Cloud Continent but after he lept off Jue Yun cliff…. he was actually reincarnated in this world inside a dead body!

If one were to hear this, it would sound like it came from one of the stories in Arabian Nights but that was the only reasoning Xiao Che could imagine!

Wait a minute…. if it really was like that, then this body should have no antitoxin ability. How come he was safe from the Murdering Heart Powder on his lips when the previous body’s owner died not too long ago?

A slightly strange feeling came from the palm of his left hand. Xiao Che lifted his left hand and was surprised to find that there was a circular green imprint on his palm.

This shape, this color, this size…. was clearly the same as the Sky Poison Pearl!

Before jumping off Jue Yun cliff, he had desperately swallowed the Sky Poison Pearl but he did not actually know what would happen to him. This mark on his hand was unexpectedly the Sky Poison Pearl and it actually crossed over with him to this world!

As if in a trance, Xiao Che stared at the Sky Poison Pearl and subconsciously whispered. “Sky Poison Pearl….”

As his voice dropped off, the green mark on his palm suddenly released a green light. Immediately, a slight dizziness came over him and he unconsciously closed his eyes. When he opened them, his entire world was flooded in green.

This world of green was wide and open. There were no boundaries to be seen and there was a faint scent of the Sky Poison Pearl throughout this space. After a long daze, Xiao Che understood, that he had entered the world inside the Sky Poison Pearl.

Who would have thought that inside the Sky Poison Pearl, there would be such a wide and open world! What was even more unimaginable was that after he’d ate the Sky Poison Pearl without thinking of the consequences, the Sky Poison Pearl had actually traveled along with him, and even seemed to have become a part of his body.

If there was a way in, there must be a way out.

Xiao Che closed his eyes, and concentrated his thoughts. Suddenly, the world of green hastily dissipated, and when he opened his eyes again, in his vision, was the room he was familiar with.

Staring at the faint green mark in his palm, Xiao Che slowly smiled… Even though it was not known why this ridiculous event occurred, not only had he reincarnated, but also retained memories from both lives. Maybe, even the gods couldn’t watch the suffering of the two lives, took pity, and gave him a chance to live again!

Yun Che was the victim of persecution from Azure Cloud Continent’s countless strongest individuals. Although he died in the end, he shook the world by himself; how awe-inspiring and astonishing was that! However, his body right now, was only average…… no, speaking without restraints, it could be considered the epitome of weakness.

In Profound Sky Continent, profound strength was most important. Although Xiao Che was born in the Xiao Clan, and was even the grandchild of the strongest Fifth Elder Xiao Lie, his profound power was still at level one in the elementary profound realm, even though he is already sixteen. He started training his spirit power when he was seven and half, entered Elementary Profound level one at the age of eight, and then didn’t improve for an entire eight years. He was mocked by all of the Xiao Clan. Afterwards, Xiao Lie invited Floating Cloud City’s top class doctor Dr. Seto to examine his body, and shockingly found that Xiao Che was born with damaged profound veins. The damage was so severe that it was almost impossible to recover from. In this state, Xiao Che would stagnate at first level of the Elementary Profound Realm, and could never improve further no matter how hard he worked.

Even if he trained with his life on the line, he would stay at first level of the Elementary Profound Realm his entire life. This kind of person was unquestionably the lowest existence in the Profound Sky Continent, and was a total laughingstock within the Xiao Clan. If not for for his grandfather Xiao Lie being the strongest in the Xiao Clan, who also could even be said to be the strongest in the Floating Cloud City, no one would bat an eye against him.

Xiao Clan was one of the three major families that trained in the ways of the Profound in the Floating Cloud City, and has limitless strong entities. In the large number of youths coming forth from the same generation, Xiao Che can be said to be an unnecessary existence. Even if he died some day, not many except a few would care. But there were some today that actually tried to murder him using the extremely hard to get and expensive Murdering Heart Powder. Xiao Che clearly knew the reason why now.

Because today was the wedding day between him and Xia Qingyue.

Xia Qingyue being the same age as him, was also sixteen. However, at such a young age, her profound strength was stated to have reached the tenth level of the Elementary Profound Realm, almost breaking out of the elementary level and stepping into the Nascent Profound Realm. She was the only one in a hundred years that has reached this level of profound strength at the age of sixteen in the Xia clan. There are even rumors that, if she continued to develop this way, a few decades later she would be the first person in the history of the Xia clan to ever step into the Earth Profound Realm…… or may even be able to reach the Sky Profound Realm that no one in Floating Cloud City had even thought of reaching in the past few centuries!

More importantly, she was not only shockingly astute, but also extremely beautiful, and was considered to be the most beautiful girl by the entire Floating Cloud City. All of Floating Cloud City’s youths with some level of competency drooled over her. If the Xia clan started to look for grooms, the line waiting would probably be long enough to stretch between the south and north gates of Floating Cloud City.

This pinnacle of a girl with both intelligence and beauty in the Floating Cloud City, was actually marrying the generation’s most worthless youth with no future at all. Who knew how many people were stomping their feets in anger and jealousy…… This was wholly a case of a dazzling lotus flower planted on a pile of manure that no one would even bother to look at.

The ones that had unrequited love for Xia Qingyue of course held both extreme jealousy and hatred towards Xiao Che. Even more were unwilling to give up…… and would try to assassinate him by poison. As the current Xiao Che thought about it, this situation didn’t seem to be bizarre at all.

“Women are really the root of troubles.” Xiao Che got off the bed, stood up, and soliloquized. But as he thought of the beauty and charm of Xia Qingyue that could tip over a whole city, he opened his mouth and laughed heartily: “Still, I get to marry such a bride, this really was a good beginning.”

Hidden Marriage

Chapter 1 - 7 Months Pregnant

Her body was burning with heat as strong as volcanic lava, and the only one who could save her, was the man before her……

She clung tightly to the cold marble-like skin, her survival instinct eventually making her give up all resistance……

Pain was accompanied by pleasure slowly rising bit by bit, like a firework display going off in her mind, making her feel like she was a lone boat in a sea of fire……

Rising, then sinking, it was hard for her to free herself——

“Hey, wake up…… It’s cold here, don’t catch a cold——”

The pressure on her shoulders caused Ning Xi to wake up abruptly; her disoriented gaze met with the concerned eyes of the nurse. In an instant, her guilty conscience made her face blush, she wished she could crawl into a hole in the ground as she avoided the nurse’s gaze in shame.

Damn, although it has already been such a long time after that one drunken night, that hot night she had with Su Yan kept appearing in her dreams from time to time.

Thanks to being drunk to the point of unconsciousness, she did not have much memory of that night, otherwise she would not know how to face Yan-gege.

The nurse saw that she had finally woken up, and passed the papers in her hands to her: “You forgot to take your pregnancy health results, Dr Zhang would like you to come again next week!”

Ning Xi received the report, smiled sweetly, and carefully placed the papers in her own purse.

Su Yan was still studying overseas, he was coming back tonight. Thinking of the meeting tonight, Ning Xi unconsciously tensed up.

Because the area Su Yan was at was too inaccessible, it was only until the child was more than 7 months old that she finally contacted him.

Thinking of the shock that Su Yan had when he found out she was pregnant, Ning Xi was a little nervous.

Was it because she was particularly sensitive due to the pregnancy? Ning Xi felt that Su Yan was not as happy as she was about this.

The doctor reassured her saying that men were always like that with their first child, their mentality would take some time to change!

But…… it couldn’t be that, even regarding marriage, she would have to be the one to speak up?

The sun was burning brightly in the sky when she came out of the hospital.

Ning Xi struggled to support her waist, just as she was about to wave down a taxi, a dazzling red sports car rushed towards her.

Ning Xi’s heart thumped, and she retreated quite a few steps back.

Only to hear a screeching sound from the brakes, as the red sports car just brushed over the edge of her clothes, before stopping abruptly.

Ning Xi’s heart almost stopped; after slowly regaining her footing, she saw a woman, wearing a body-hugging red dress, toss her wavy hair as she stepped down from the car.

“Ning Xueluo, are you crazy?”

Ning Xueluo looked at her, laughing with deep meaning. With crossed arms, as if strutting on the catwalk, she swayed as she walked until she stood in front of Ning Xi. Using the advantage of her high heels, she arrogantly looked down on the big bellied Ning Xi: “What? Scared that I’ll kill the bastard in your stomach?”

Ning Xi subconsciously protected her abdomen, taking a step back, she looked at her warily: “Ning Xueluo! Don’t you go too far!”

Despite knowing that Ning Xueluo had always been at loggerheads with her, Ning Xi had not thought that she could speak such vicious words.

“Going too far? You’re the one who went too far! After getting drunk and doing it with some wild man and getting pregnant, then trying to make Su Yan become the father, tsk tsk…… Ning Xi, aren’t you so shameless!”

Ning Xi froze, “What nonsense are you saying?”

“Hey, don’t tell me you really believe that the man who slept with you that night, was Su Yan?” Ning Xueluo laughed before leaning back: “Saying that you grew up with Su Yan since you were kids with every other sentence, saying that you’re childhood sweethearts, and you don’t even know what his figure is like?”

Ning Xi grew paler as she listened, despite standing under intense sunlight, her whole body felt cold.

Yes, the man from that night……

She had only thought…… Su Yan was fitter than she had imagined after growing up.

Now with Ning Xueluo’s malicious reminder, she then suddenly recalled that, other than the body, the man from that night was indeed very different from Su Yan……

TL Note:

-gege (哥哥) – An affectionate term from a girl, to an older guy she has a romantic interest in. She is very obviously trying to get close to a guy if she uses this in front of him. It could also be shortened to just ‘-ge’. The literal meaning is ‘older brother’. Think ‘oppa’ in Korean. The subtlety was hard to translate so I’ll be leaving in its original form.

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1 Mutton Skewer Seller

In the evening, in the farmers’ market located in the west region of Zhong Hai city, there were numerous noisy pedestrians and vehicles indifferently passing through. Vegetable leaves and dirty water were strewn all over the ground. There was an enormous amount of different fading store signboards, and occasionally there would be some single-colored neon lights lit up. There were workers returning home, children that finished school, elderly buying groceries, and the many different travel-worn passersby, causing the gray dusty sky to seem more and more depressing.

Perhaps within a metropolitan city like this, such a region was the stain that people looked down upon the most, a region they wished never existed.

By a wall next to an intersection, was a man who was leisurely and contentedly doing what others viewed as shameful.

This was a young man covered in oil and grime, selling mutton skewers. He was sporting a white vest, coffee-colored pants, and a pair of stiff blue plastic slippers.

The young man’s hair was messy, but had a rather mature and handsome face, if one took a closer look, one would notice this was a man with backbone. It’s a pity that no matter how he looked, the ladies walking along the street wouldn’t even pay him a glance, because, he was just a mutton skewers seller.

The young man placed the mutton skewers he just cooked to the side. With the hot weather, grilling was easy but selling was hard. 50 cents for two skewers was considered cheap, but after a whole day, he only earned a little over 10 dollars, barely enough to have 2 meals.

However, the young man didn’t seem to be dejected by this, he instead had a relaxed and satisfied expression. He sat down on his stool, looking towards the crowded street, as if such a view was the prettiest scenery.

“Old Li, it’s about time you paid for what you agreed upon 2 days ago!” A high-pitched male voice suddenly appeared from the side.

The 3 approaching males didn’t look above 20 and were dressed like gangsters, with upright hair, silver chains, holey jeans, scraggy faces, and a cigarette in their mouths.

OId Li was a peddler selling deep-fried snacks right beside the young man. Similarly, due to the hot weather he didn’t have much business and was on his seat with a worried expression.

“This…….” Old Li showed a bitter face, “My Young Master, please be patient. With this hot weather, how am I able to pay without any business……”

“Listen here Old Li, don’t take a yard after being given an inch. If it wasn’t for big bro Feng protecting you, this stall of yours would’ve been wrecked long ago.” A henchman said in a threatening, yet flattering way.

The hooligan called big bro Feng seemed extremely pleased, he patted his henchman, and said, “Today’s protection fee, you can choose to pay or you can choose not to pay. I must get the money either way. Otherwise, I will wreck your stall now!” with that said, he picked up a skewer of sausage, took two big bites and threw the remainder on the ground.

Old Li was stuck without a way out and tightly gripped the small stack of notes in his pocket, considering whether or not to spend it like that. The money was meant for his wife to see a doctor, how could he bear to use it as a “present” for these rascals!?

“I’ll pay for him.” The man from the mutton skewers stall suddenly walked over, and fished out a few notes from his pocket, not even amounting to 100 dollars. He handed it over and indifferently said: “This is all I have, Old Li is getting on in years and urgently needs money, you guys should accumulate some good karma.”

The little hoodlum squinted his eyes and laughed, then took the notes and passed it to his henchman behind, “Yang Chen, you want to pretend to be a good person, but you haven’t paid your own protection fee!”

Yang Chen creased his eyebrows, lamenting in his heart about why these fellas were not properly studying at their age. Why be a hoodlum, but as he wasn’t their father, it wasn’t his position to say anything. He also didn’t want to stir up trouble, so he dully said: “Tomorrow, I will pay tomorrow.”

“Good, I’m not an unsympathetic person, everybody should cooperate. I protect your businesses and you pay me money as a matter of fact…… I will come tomorrow to collect then.” After speaking, the little hoodlum and his two henchmen strutted towards other stalls, bringing them grief.

The eyes of Old Li had already reddened, he bitterly looked towards Yang Chen, “Little Yang, why do you trouble yourself? You are always helping me pay those thugs, how can I let this go on….”

“Old Li, don’t say such a thing. When I just arrived and wasn’t used to life here, I probably wouldn’t even have a friend to talk to, if it wasn’t for you. You are my benefactor, and this is my way of repaying you.”

“You kid….. What should I say to you…..” Old Li seemed to understand that he couldn’t convince Yang Chen and could only sigh.

Yang Chen didn’t mind and laughed, it was a dull yet sincere laugh. As if the extortion earlier didn’t affect his mood, “By the way, how is your wife’s illness?”

Old Li’s eyes were filled with gratitude, “It’s all thanks to you for giving me the money to have an operation for my wife. Right now she only needs to go for a few more check-ups, take some medicine and then she’ll be fine.”

“Oh, that’s great! I wish her an early recovery.” Yang Chen satisfyingly nodded.

Old Li gave a bitter laugh, “Little Yang, the money you lent me will definitely be returned, if I’m unable to return everything before I die, my daughter will carry on the debt…… Alas, if it wasn’t for me, that 100,000 dollars of yours can definitely be used to open a nice shop. You wouldn’t need to come here and sell mutton skewers, and wouldn’t need to endure those hoodlum’s torment.”

Yang Chen curled his lips, “I somewhat enjoy such a way of life, selling mutton skewers isn’t bad, it is simple yet able provide enough for meals.”

“You are too……” Old Li was a little depressed as he said, “Little Yang, you are only 23 or 24 years old, other youngsters of your age are either studying in university, or diligently trying to build a career. Right now you don’t even have a girlfriend, are you planning to sell mutton skewers forever? You aren’t worried, but I feel worried as I watch you.”

Seeing Old Li genuinely express worry for himself, Yang Chen unconsciously revealed a slightly bitter expression, it’s not that he was not worried, he just never thought about it at all.

After the night fell, Yang Chen tidied his stall, and pushed the cart back to the crappy apartment he rented.

This was a small apartment that has been around for who knows how many years. The rent for each month was only 100 dollars. It’s only because nobody wanted to live here that it was this cheap. Unlike other people who worried about the house falling apart, Yang Chen decided to move in the moment he saw how cheap it was.

Yang Chen’s house had very simple furnishing, it was mostly second hand goods others dumped away. There was a bed, a cabinet, a chair, and a TV that could only watch some basic channels.

After pushing the small cart into his small house, Yang Chen gazed upon the calendar hanging on the wall. He checked the date, suddenly remembered something, and promptly ran to the toilet.

In less than 5 minutes, he took a cold shower, and got out of the bathroom naked. His skin was a healthy yellow colour, his well-proportioned body wasn’t very conspicuous, but under careful observation, one could perceive a reserved feeling of masculinity.

Walking towards the cabinet beside the bed, Yang Chen scratched his head in distress while looking at the pile of disorderly clothes. He picked out a few and finally put on a yellow shirt, a pair of light linen pants, and wore the same plastic slippers.

After leaving his house, Yang Chen hurried towards the west region’s most prosperous street, which was also the shabby west region’s only respectable street, named “Bar Street”.

The nightlife of feasting and pleasure-seeking was all around, there were colorful skirts, and all sorts of different perfumes. The moment one entered Bar Street, the city’s atmosphere swept through.

Yang Chen didn’t openly stare like some undisguised and unscrupulous young men, and also didn’t secretly peep at the thighs of beautiful ladies on the street that the others were drooling at.

The bar’s neon lit signboard wasn’t considered dazzling, the bar that could only be considered mid-sized contained a mysterious air, brilliantly colored rose shaped lights were decorated on the signboard.

After entering the bar, Yang Chen walked to the side of the counter in a routine manner, and sat at a corner.

“Big bro Chen, you’re here.” The young bartender wearing a vest noticed Yang Chen, and revealed a warm smile. At the same time, he brought out a cup of water, “Big sis Rose has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Yang Chen gave him a smile, then took a sip from the glass, “Big sis Rose isn’t angry right? I returned home a little late, so I arrived late.”

“Not angry, not angry.” Little Zhao smiled, it was as if the few pimples on his round face were smiling at him as well. With an imploring tone he said: “Big bro Chen, when you have time please teach me. What sort of method did you use that you even managed to pick up our big sis Rose? You know, if the people in Zhong Hai who were interested in our boss made a queue, they could queue from the west region till the sea. For so many years I’ve never seen the boss so in love with any other man. Yet today, just the question of whether you’re here yet, had been asked no less than 5 times…….”

“Don’t speak drivel, there’s nothing going on between me and big sis Rose…..” Yang Chen helplessly, and unenthusiastically replied.

Little Zhao had an expression of ‘I won’t believe that even if you kill me’, then sighed, “Geez…… big bro Chen, to be honest, this cold demeanor of yours is too high level, to be able to pick up a world-breaking beauty like our lady boss. Which man wouldn’t stick to her everyday? There’s only you, who comes only once in a while and even lets a beauty wait for you. Otherwise why do people say that things that you cannot obtain are the best? This sentence is suited to be used on women…..”

Right as little Zhao had an expression of a saint at romance and exaggeration, a charming yet dignified and intelligent voice appeared behind him, “Little Zhao, how many more times do you think your pay can get cut?”

As if he was shocked by an electric current, Little Zhao was dumbfounded. Once he returned to his senses, he immediately sidestepped and pretended to mix drinks, as if nothing happened, but the cold sweat on his forehead gave away the fear in his heart.

With an elegant modern qipao, her thighs were vaguely displayed through the slit to the side of her leg which released an arousing sex appeal. In addition her plump breasts, and an exquisite waist matched well with that smooth porcelain-like face that looked like a meticulous piece of art. On her shoulder were strands of light purple hair. This was a young lady with an appearance like she came out from a painting, as she leisurely walked towards Yang Chen.

[ED: Qipao – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheongsam]

Yang Chen smiled with both his face and eyes, looking right at the lady without a trace of awkwardness, and sincerely said, “Big sis Rose, you’re really pretty, happy birthday.”