Male God,Come Here
Fortunately, I Met You
Hidden Marriage
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Trial Marriage Husband

Male God,Come Here

Chapter 1 A Cheap Person Does Have the Heart of a Wolf and Lung of a Dog

“Hehe. I have never seen someone as stupid as my sister. Who will be happy to have a sister like you? Pei!”

Bai Weiwei looked at her sister in disbelief. This girl used to be very timid and would follow her in silence. That girl right now was looking at her with contempt.

It was as if she was looking at something disgusting.

She could barely breathe as she held onto her chest. She could barely speak with the pain.

“You…treated me good before is it just because you wanted the letter of heritance transfer?” Bai Weiwei’s expression was cold but her voice could not help but cracked. She knelt on the sofa with her body curled into a ball and every time she breathed, there was a sharp pain in her heart.

“Or what, do you really thought I would like to have you be my sister? Everyone said I am an illegitimate daughter and father would always spoiled you. Why do you have everything you wanted and I get your charity? Am I, Bai Yaoyao is worse than you? Whether it is work or contributing to the company, I am better than you, yet they chose you as the heiress and not me!”

Bai Yaoyao hysterically screamed.

Bai Weiwei remembered the first time they met. Bai Yaoyao was an illegitimate daughter that her father brought home. At that time, Bai Weiwei who had always been lonely felt happy to finally have a sister.

Every time she had something delicious and fun, she would share it together with her.

When a servant scorned at her, Bai Weiwei would not hesitate to fire the servant.

Since her health was a problem, she agreed to sign the letter of heritance transfer and gave up her right to inherit the company to Bai Yaoyao.

All of it because she thought Bai Yaoyao was her sister and a well-natured girl but never did she expect that after she signed the document, Bai Yaoyao would reveal her true face today.

“Give me the medicine…” Bai Weiwei moved her lips slightly and spoke with difficulty.

She knew Bai Yaoyao would not give the medicine for her heart disease but she did not give up.

They had been sisters for more than ten years. She held onto a glimmer of hope that her sister would still have a feeling for her.

Bai Yaoyao took out the bottle of the medicine with a sneer and threw it into the trashcan beside her right in front of Bai Weiwei.

“Today, you will die. You had a heart attack and you died. It will not have anything to do with me. Also, do you know why your wedding is postponed?”

When Bai Weiwei watched her throwing the medicine the hopeful light in her eyes distinguished.

She looked up, her eyes were cold and indifferent. “It because Ye Yuxuan misunderstood the photos I was having an affair with my bodyguard but the photos were taken from various angles and there was no any other proof. Don’t tell me, that was you.”

Her heart was already hurt but now it felt like it was about to explode. When the reason came into the light, her face turned to green. The killing intent coming from her was becoming stronger.

“Yes, I planned it with Brother An. Why must Big Brother Ye take fancy of you? It should be me who married him, not a medicinal jar like you.”

(TL: She’s implying Bai Weiwei is often sick and always taking medicine that she practically a medicinal jar.)

Brother An…even her bodyguard was together with her.

Bai Weiwei felt her heart was completely crushed. She was betrayed by two people she trusted the most in just one day. She flashed a cold smile to a realization. She was really stupid, to think as long as she wanted, others would desire the same.

However this world was a cheap person, it will throw her into the lava like a person with a heart of wolf and the lung of a dog and will not cover the heat(from the lava).

Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 1 Dr. Cheng

“Any patient suffering from mental trauma is someone worth listening to. The primary goal of psychiatric care is not to provide patients with an unachievable state of happiness, but rather to help them build up their own patience and resolve to confront their own struggles.”

“Professor, does that mean that you believe that mental illnesses can’t be treated?”

“No, quite the opposite in fact. Mental illnesses can be treated, as long as we provide these patients with sufficient patience and resolve.

“Then, professor, what if your patient ends up falling in love with you because of that?”

Cheng Xi raised her head and smiled at the student who had asked the question, a young, pretty girl who immediately hid behind her neighbor upon noticing Cheng Xi’s gaze.

Cheng Xi was a psychiatrist and, at the same time, a lecturer at a medical university. Because of her age, wit, and looks, she was very popular among all the students, and her lectures every Thursday were almost always filled to maximum capacity. Of course, this meant that she also received all sorts of strange questions at the end of every lecture.

This wasn’t the first time she had been asked such a question, and so she was able to answer it handily. Smiling, she said, “I think I’d be very happy, because that would mean that the patient’s mind is under a wonderful misconception.”

Someone else followed up and asked, “Professor, do you think that love is a misconception?”

“Rather than that, I’d call it more of a temporary illusion.”

“Have you had such an illusion, professor?”

“No, because I’m already old.”

“Boo----” The whole crowd of students playfully booed her comment. “Pretending to be old is shameful!” A bold student even jokingly asked, “Professor, I don’t mind that you’re old, so can I date you?”

Cheng Xi smiled as she nimbly shot back, “A date in the lab as my test subject?”

The student who had just asked her about dating quickly recanted with a serious expression on his face. “Love between students and faculty isn’t permitted. Professor, I’ll do my best to work on my self-restraint.”

Everyone laughed, including Cheng Xi. “How regretful.”

The classroom once again filled with laughter. The bell rang not too long later, signaling that it was time for the students to file out of class. While saying goodbye to her students, Cheng Xi packed up her books and teaching materials. But just as she was about to leave, she noticed a male student that was resting his head on his desk, sound asleep.

She walked over to him, and quickly prodded him awake. The male student rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked at her.

“Do you want some candy?” asked Cheng Xi as she extended her hand, a colorfully wrapped sweet resting on her palm. “I’m sorry that my class made you feel so bored.”

The student looked at her in a daze, as if she were a monster.

Cheng Xi smiled, left the sweet on his desk, and stepped out of the classroom.

While walking, she received a call. “Cheng Xi, where are you?”

The phone call was from Cheng Xi’s own professor, Madam Cai Yi. She was both Cheng Xi’s doctoral advisor and a national authority on psychiatry. After retiring, she felt restless about doing nothing, and subsequently opened up her own office and lab.

“I just finished teaching.”

“Good. Come to my office.”

Cheng Xi left her things in her office and immediately headed over. Madam Cai’s office was right next to her home, and its surroundings were the definition of natural beauty. By her office was a lake, and by the lakeside was a flock of pigeons. The surroundings were filled with vibrant shrubs and blossoms, and, even more unusually, the water itself was clear and limpid. It was truly a relaxing place to be.

The only problem was that it was a bit far from the school, and the evening rush hour only exacerbated the long drive. By the time Cheng Xi arrived, it was already late enough that the early winter’s dusk was only being held at bay by the surrounding lights.

She pushed the door open and entered, bringing wisps of the winter cold in with her. Madam Cai’s hair was streaked with gray, and her gold-rimmed glasses giving her a classic scholarly air. She was sitting on the sofa in front of her desk, talking with the young man sitting beside her.

Upon hearing Cheng Xi enter, both people looked over at Cheng Xi. Madam Cai smiled at her. “You’re here already? It’s cold outside, isn’t it?”

Cheng Xi cheerily replied, “It’s fine, just a little windy.”

The two made small talk as Madam Cai motioned for Cheng Xi to sit by her side. She pointed at the young man and introduced the two, saying, “This is the CEO of Donglai, Lu Chenzhou, or Director Lu.” And to Lu Chenzhou, she said, “This is the young, pretty, and creative Dr. Cheng that I’ve been telling you so much about.”

Cheng Xi knew of Donglai, a large drug manufacturer; many of Madam Cai’s projects were supported by the company.

She just hadn’t expected their CEO to be so young. He was a relatively handsome man, and probably not even thirty yet.

However, Cheng Xi’s first impression of Lu Chenzhou was not only that he was young and handsome, but also cold and aloof. When their gazes met, it was as if she were but a speck of dust in his eyes.

Hidden Marriage

Chapter 1 - 7 Months Pregnant

Her body was burning with heat as strong as volcanic lava, and the only one who could save her, was the man before her……

She clung tightly to the cold marble-like skin, her survival instinct eventually making her give up all resistance……

Pain was accompanied by pleasure slowly rising bit by bit, like a firework display going off in her mind, making her feel like she was a lone boat in a sea of fire……

Rising, then sinking, it was hard for her to free herself——

“Hey, wake up…… It’s cold here, don’t catch a cold——”

The pressure on her shoulders caused Ning Xi to wake up abruptly; her disoriented gaze met with the concerned eyes of the nurse. In an instant, her guilty conscience made her face blush, she wished she could crawl into a hole in the ground as she avoided the nurse’s gaze in shame.

Damn, although it has already been such a long time after that one drunken night, that hot night she had with Su Yan kept appearing in her dreams from time to time.

Thanks to being drunk to the point of unconsciousness, she did not have much memory of that night, otherwise she would not know how to face Yan-gege.

The nurse saw that she had finally woken up, and passed the papers in her hands to her: “You forgot to take your pregnancy health results, Dr Zhang would like you to come again next week!”

Ning Xi received the report, smiled sweetly, and carefully placed the papers in her own purse.

Su Yan was still studying overseas, he was coming back tonight. Thinking of the meeting tonight, Ning Xi unconsciously tensed up.

Because the area Su Yan was at was too inaccessible, it was only until the child was more than 7 months old that she finally contacted him.

Thinking of the shock that Su Yan had when he found out she was pregnant, Ning Xi was a little nervous.

Was it because she was particularly sensitive due to the pregnancy? Ning Xi felt that Su Yan was not as happy as she was about this.

The doctor reassured her saying that men were always like that with their first child, their mentality would take some time to change!

But…… it couldn’t be that, even regarding marriage, she would have to be the one to speak up?

The sun was burning brightly in the sky when she came out of the hospital.

Ning Xi struggled to support her waist, just as she was about to wave down a taxi, a dazzling red sports car rushed towards her.

Ning Xi’s heart thumped, and she retreated quite a few steps back.

Only to hear a screeching sound from the brakes, as the red sports car just brushed over the edge of her clothes, before stopping abruptly.

Ning Xi’s heart almost stopped; after slowly regaining her footing, she saw a woman, wearing a body-hugging red dress, toss her wavy hair as she stepped down from the car.

“Ning Xueluo, are you crazy?”

Ning Xueluo looked at her, laughing with deep meaning. With crossed arms, as if strutting on the catwalk, she swayed as she walked until she stood in front of Ning Xi. Using the advantage of her high heels, she arrogantly looked down on the big bellied Ning Xi: “What? Scared that I’ll kill the bastard in your stomach?”

Ning Xi subconsciously protected her abdomen, taking a step back, she looked at her warily: “Ning Xueluo! Don’t you go too far!”

Despite knowing that Ning Xueluo had always been at loggerheads with her, Ning Xi had not thought that she could speak such vicious words.

“Going too far? You’re the one who went too far! After getting drunk and doing it with some wild man and getting pregnant, then trying to make Su Yan become the father, tsk tsk…… Ning Xi, aren’t you so shameless!”

Ning Xi froze, “What nonsense are you saying?”

“Hey, don’t tell me you really believe that the man who slept with you that night, was Su Yan?” Ning Xueluo laughed before leaning back: “Saying that you grew up with Su Yan since you were kids with every other sentence, saying that you’re childhood sweethearts, and you don’t even know what his figure is like?”

Ning Xi grew paler as she listened, despite standing under intense sunlight, her whole body felt cold.

Yes, the man from that night……

She had only thought…… Su Yan was fitter than she had imagined after growing up.

Now with Ning Xueluo’s malicious reminder, she then suddenly recalled that, other than the body, the man from that night was indeed very different from Su Yan……

TL Note:

-gege (哥哥) – An affectionate term from a girl, to an older guy she has a romantic interest in. She is very obviously trying to get close to a guy if she uses this in front of him. It could also be shortened to just ‘-ge’. The literal meaning is ‘older brother’. Think ‘oppa’ in Korean. The subtlety was hard to translate so I’ll be leaving in its original form.

My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1 Mutton Skewer Seller

In the evening, in the farmers’ market located in the west region of Zhong Hai city, there were numerous noisy pedestrians and vehicles indifferently passing through. Vegetable leaves and dirty water were strewn all over the ground. There was an enormous amount of different fading store signboards, and occasionally there would be some single-colored neon lights lit up. There were workers returning home, children that finished school, elderly buying groceries, and the many different travel-worn passersby, causing the gray dusty sky to seem more and more depressing.

Perhaps within a metropolitan city like this, such a region was the stain that people looked down upon the most, a region they wished never existed.

By a wall next to an intersection, was a man who was leisurely and contentedly doing what others viewed as shameful.

This was a young man covered in oil and grime, selling mutton skewers. He was sporting a white vest, coffee-colored pants, and a pair of stiff blue plastic slippers.

The young man’s hair was messy, but had a rather mature and handsome face, if one took a closer look, one would notice this was a man with backbone. It’s a pity that no matter how he looked, the ladies walking along the street wouldn’t even pay him a glance, because, he was just a mutton skewers seller.

The young man placed the mutton skewers he just cooked to the side. With the hot weather, grilling was easy but selling was hard. 50 cents for two skewers was considered cheap, but after a whole day, he only earned a little over 10 dollars, barely enough to have 2 meals.

However, the young man didn’t seem to be dejected by this, he instead had a relaxed and satisfied expression. He sat down on his stool, looking towards the crowded street, as if such a view was the prettiest scenery.

“Old Li, it’s about time you paid for what you agreed upon 2 days ago!” A high-pitched male voice suddenly appeared from the side.

The 3 approaching males didn’t look above 20 and were dressed like gangsters, with upright hair, silver chains, holey jeans, scraggy faces, and a cigarette in their mouths.

OId Li was a peddler selling deep-fried snacks right beside the young man. Similarly, due to the hot weather he didn’t have much business and was on his seat with a worried expression.

“This…….” Old Li showed a bitter face, “My Young Master, please be patient. With this hot weather, how am I able to pay without any business……”

“Listen here Old Li, don’t take a yard after being given an inch. If it wasn’t for big bro Feng protecting you, this stall of yours would’ve been wrecked long ago.” A henchman said in a threatening, yet flattering way.

The hooligan called big bro Feng seemed extremely pleased, he patted his henchman, and said, “Today’s protection fee, you can choose to pay or you can choose not to pay. I must get the money either way. Otherwise, I will wreck your stall now!” with that said, he picked up a skewer of sausage, took two big bites and threw the remainder on the ground.

Old Li was stuck without a way out and tightly gripped the small stack of notes in his pocket, considering whether or not to spend it like that. The money was meant for his wife to see a doctor, how could he bear to use it as a “present” for these rascals!?

“I’ll pay for him.” The man from the mutton skewers stall suddenly walked over, and fished out a few notes from his pocket, not even amounting to 100 dollars. He handed it over and indifferently said: “This is all I have, Old Li is getting on in years and urgently needs money, you guys should accumulate some good karma.”

The little hoodlum squinted his eyes and laughed, then took the notes and passed it to his henchman behind, “Yang Chen, you want to pretend to be a good person, but you haven’t paid your own protection fee!”

Yang Chen creased his eyebrows, lamenting in his heart about why these fellas were not properly studying at their age. Why be a hoodlum, but as he wasn’t their father, it wasn’t his position to say anything. He also didn’t want to stir up trouble, so he dully said: “Tomorrow, I will pay tomorrow.”

“Good, I’m not an unsympathetic person, everybody should cooperate. I protect your businesses and you pay me money as a matter of fact…… I will come tomorrow to collect then.” After speaking, the little hoodlum and his two henchmen strutted towards other stalls, bringing them grief.

The eyes of Old Li had already reddened, he bitterly looked towards Yang Chen, “Little Yang, why do you trouble yourself? You are always helping me pay those thugs, how can I let this go on….”

“Old Li, don’t say such a thing. When I just arrived and wasn’t used to life here, I probably wouldn’t even have a friend to talk to, if it wasn’t for you. You are my benefactor, and this is my way of repaying you.”

“You kid….. What should I say to you…..” Old Li seemed to understand that he couldn’t convince Yang Chen and could only sigh.

Yang Chen didn’t mind and laughed, it was a dull yet sincere laugh. As if the extortion earlier didn’t affect his mood, “By the way, how is your wife’s illness?”

Old Li’s eyes were filled with gratitude, “It’s all thanks to you for giving me the money to have an operation for my wife. Right now she only needs to go for a few more check-ups, take some medicine and then she’ll be fine.”

“Oh, that’s great! I wish her an early recovery.” Yang Chen satisfyingly nodded.

Old Li gave a bitter laugh, “Little Yang, the money you lent me will definitely be returned, if I’m unable to return everything before I die, my daughter will carry on the debt…… Alas, if it wasn’t for me, that 100,000 dollars of yours can definitely be used to open a nice shop. You wouldn’t need to come here and sell mutton skewers, and wouldn’t need to endure those hoodlum’s torment.”

Yang Chen curled his lips, “I somewhat enjoy such a way of life, selling mutton skewers isn’t bad, it is simple yet able provide enough for meals.”

“You are too……” Old Li was a little depressed as he said, “Little Yang, you are only 23 or 24 years old, other youngsters of your age are either studying in university, or diligently trying to build a career. Right now you don’t even have a girlfriend, are you planning to sell mutton skewers forever? You aren’t worried, but I feel worried as I watch you.”

Seeing Old Li genuinely express worry for himself, Yang Chen unconsciously revealed a slightly bitter expression, it’s not that he was not worried, he just never thought about it at all.

After the night fell, Yang Chen tidied his stall, and pushed the cart back to the crappy apartment he rented.

This was a small apartment that has been around for who knows how many years. The rent for each month was only 100 dollars. It’s only because nobody wanted to live here that it was this cheap. Unlike other people who worried about the house falling apart, Yang Chen decided to move in the moment he saw how cheap it was.

Yang Chen’s house had very simple furnishing, it was mostly second hand goods others dumped away. There was a bed, a cabinet, a chair, and a TV that could only watch some basic channels.

After pushing the small cart into his small house, Yang Chen gazed upon the calendar hanging on the wall. He checked the date, suddenly remembered something, and promptly ran to the toilet.

In less than 5 minutes, he took a cold shower, and got out of the bathroom naked. His skin was a healthy yellow colour, his well-proportioned body wasn’t very conspicuous, but under careful observation, one could perceive a reserved feeling of masculinity.

Walking towards the cabinet beside the bed, Yang Chen scratched his head in distress while looking at the pile of disorderly clothes. He picked out a few and finally put on a yellow shirt, a pair of light linen pants, and wore the same plastic slippers.

After leaving his house, Yang Chen hurried towards the west region’s most prosperous street, which was also the shabby west region’s only respectable street, named “Bar Street”.

The nightlife of feasting and pleasure-seeking was all around, there were colorful skirts, and all sorts of different perfumes. The moment one entered Bar Street, the city’s atmosphere swept through.

Yang Chen didn’t openly stare like some undisguised and unscrupulous young men, and also didn’t secretly peep at the thighs of beautiful ladies on the street that the others were drooling at.

The bar’s neon lit signboard wasn’t considered dazzling, the bar that could only be considered mid-sized contained a mysterious air, brilliantly colored rose shaped lights were decorated on the signboard.

After entering the bar, Yang Chen walked to the side of the counter in a routine manner, and sat at a corner.

“Big bro Chen, you’re here.” The young bartender wearing a vest noticed Yang Chen, and revealed a warm smile. At the same time, he brought out a cup of water, “Big sis Rose has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Yang Chen gave him a smile, then took a sip from the glass, “Big sis Rose isn’t angry right? I returned home a little late, so I arrived late.”

“Not angry, not angry.” Little Zhao smiled, it was as if the few pimples on his round face were smiling at him as well. With an imploring tone he said: “Big bro Chen, when you have time please teach me. What sort of method did you use that you even managed to pick up our big sis Rose? You know, if the people in Zhong Hai who were interested in our boss made a queue, they could queue from the west region till the sea. For so many years I’ve never seen the boss so in love with any other man. Yet today, just the question of whether you’re here yet, had been asked no less than 5 times…….”

“Don’t speak drivel, there’s nothing going on between me and big sis Rose…..” Yang Chen helplessly, and unenthusiastically replied.

Little Zhao had an expression of ‘I won’t believe that even if you kill me’, then sighed, “Geez…… big bro Chen, to be honest, this cold demeanor of yours is too high level, to be able to pick up a world-breaking beauty like our lady boss. Which man wouldn’t stick to her everyday? There’s only you, who comes only once in a while and even lets a beauty wait for you. Otherwise why do people say that things that you cannot obtain are the best? This sentence is suited to be used on women…..”

Right as little Zhao had an expression of a saint at romance and exaggeration, a charming yet dignified and intelligent voice appeared behind him, “Little Zhao, how many more times do you think your pay can get cut?”

As if he was shocked by an electric current, Little Zhao was dumbfounded. Once he returned to his senses, he immediately sidestepped and pretended to mix drinks, as if nothing happened, but the cold sweat on his forehead gave away the fear in his heart.

With an elegant modern qipao, her thighs were vaguely displayed through the slit to the side of her leg which released an arousing sex appeal. In addition her plump breasts, and an exquisite waist matched well with that smooth porcelain-like face that looked like a meticulous piece of art. On her shoulder were strands of light purple hair. This was a young lady with an appearance like she came out from a painting, as she leisurely walked towards Yang Chen.

[ED: Qipao –]

Yang Chen smiled with both his face and eyes, looking right at the lady without a trace of awkwardness, and sincerely said, “Big sis Rose, you’re really pretty, happy birthday.”

Trial Marriage Husband

Chapter 1 The Flash Marriage Wife

9pm, one alluring night.

After drinking a little too much at her bachelorette party, Tangning's fiancee picked her up and brought her home to their apartment. Finally coming to her senses, she forced open her eyes, holding back an excruciating headache. As her vision cleared she could make out the figure of a man and a woman kissing passionately under the dimly lit room.

Like being struck by lightning, Tangning looked at the two in shock as they continued to kiss by her bedside. The anger inside her began to boil...

"Yurou, stop messing around, Tangning only just fell asleep!" the man warned as he restrained the woman by her waist.

"What? Are you afraid your fiancee will wake up?" Mo Yurou responded in an annoyed tone, "You are getting married tomorrow. Why don't you give yourself to me tonight?!"

"Babe, you are such a troublemaker, let's go to the other room," the man smiled seductively.

"No! I want to do it here! I want to do it right in front of her!" Mo Yurou swiftly unbuttoned the man's shirt as their lips once again locked.

Tangning tried to hold back her tears, but could feel them slowly trickling down her face. Who would have thought, the man she was to marry the next day would be cheating right in front of her.

"Behave, let's go to the bathroom. Isn't the bathtub your favorite place?"

"Fine then, you go in and fill up the bathtub first..." Mo Yurou nudged the man's chest towards the bathroom. As soon as the man left the room, she sauntered over to Tangning. Leaning over with a cold smile, she whispered, "Tangning, I'm not going to let you and Yu Fan sign those papers tomorrow. I'm pregnant, he's mine!"

Tangning tightened her hands into a fist as she held back her emotions - careful not to let out a sound. It was not until she heard the moaning sounds of the couple coming from the bathroom did she feel her world had fallen apart.

Three years ago, Tangning was once Beijing's top model. But, because of this man, she gave up everything, handing over her hard-earned position to Mo Yurou. As it turned out, everything she did merely went towards preparing someone else's wedding dress. No! This must be a dream, just a horrible nightmare, everything will be back to normal tomorrow!

Tangning continued to lie to herself. Until halfway through the night, Mo Yurou complained of feeling unwell as she led Han Yufan out of the hotel. With that, Han Yufan was to leave and not return...

But, they were to get married tomorrow!

The next day, as planned, Tangning drove to the Civil Affairs office with a bitter smile. As she stepped out of her car, she gave Han Yufan a call. The voice on the other side coldly answered, "Mo Yurou was injured on stage, I have to deal with this urgent matter first. Let's postpone the registration to another day."

There is no 'another day' , Tangning disappointedly told herself.

Tangning turned around and put on her sunglasses, ready to leave, but at that moment, her eyes were drawn to a tall figure heading her way. She couldn't help notice the fitted dark blue retro suit which complimented the masculine body underneath and out of the front chest pocket, the corner of a wine red handkerchief could be seen peering out subtly. Glancing down, Tangning could see a pair of perfectly straight legs leading to a pair of freshly polished brown leather shoes which glistened in the sun.

This man...had such a strong presence, like that of a medieval king!

Especially as he got closer, although he was wearing sunglasses...his perfectly chiseled face and sexy lips were enough to drive any woman crazy.

Tangning recognized this man, he was the CEO of Hai Rui Entertainment - Mo Ting. Back when she was still famous, they had met once at a ball.

Is he also getting married today?

"President, Miss Chi has not arrived on time...she is late by 10 minutes!" the assistant behind him reported.

"Ring the Chi family and tell them: if they can't even be on time to a wedding, then don't bother coming at all," the man responded coldly.

"But, the chairman said that you must get married today, no matter what. Even if you were to marry a transvestite he wouldn't care..." the assistant replied timidly.

"Then, just randomly pick a lady from the socialite families...I'll give you half an hour..." the man ordered. He seemed a bit unreasonable. he is faced with a similar dilemma...even though it is slightly different.

Mo Ting had so much power, he could simply choose any woman he wanted. And as one of the most eligible bachelors, love was not his priority, his priority was to deal with the pressures from his elders to get married.

Suddenly, an idea came to Tangning's mind. Taking off her sunglasses, she walked in front of the man and gently suggested, "President Mo, your bride hasn't arrived and my groom has run away...may I suggest we get married?"

Mo Ting's assistant froze in disbelief, how is this woman so brave...?

Tangning stood straight in confidence, she had gathered all her courage to do this.

Mo Ting removed his sunglasses, revealing a pair of dark ink-like eyes; his pupils glimmered like a diamond. After a short moment, he turned to his assistant and ordered, "Give me her details!"

Of course, Mo Ting's assistant already knew who Tangning was. He quickly grabbed his cell phone, did a quick search for Tangning's name and offered the findings to his boss. Two minutes later, the man's lips twitched ever so slightly as he responded with one word, "OK!"

Tangning felt that meeting Mo Ting was the luckiest thing that could happen to her. He had no reason to use a woman, nor did he require love and best of all, he had no shortage of women to sleep with.

Ultimately, she wanted Han Yufan to regret his decision!

The couple's wedding procedures were processed quickly. In just half an hour, Tangning held the marriage certificate in her hands. From now on, she was a married woman.

"President Mo, may I have a few words with you?"

"Get in the car!" Mo Ting put his sunglasses back on as he walked out of the registration hall.

Tangning followed closely behind. After getting into the Rolls-Royce, she nervously looked at Mo Ting before requesting, "Thank you for marrying me. If you need anything from me in return, please tell me, I will do anything. However, I have two simple requests I hope you can promise to abide by."

"Speak!" Mo Ting responded tiredly as he loosened his collar.

"Firstly, unless you have no choice, do not reveal our relationship. Secondly, do not interfere in my personal matters. Do not worry, since we are married, I will not get overly close to another man."

After listening to Tangning's requests, Mo Ting gave a slight smirk. A dangerous aura swept through the car, "I promise you...but, after I give you some time to tidy up your past, I want us to have a trial marriage. After 6 months, I will publicly announce our marriage."

"Thank you!" Tangning nodded.

"Also...I don't believe a married couple should live separately! I'll give you three days to pack all your belongings and move to a place of my choice. My assistant will be in touch with you."

Tangning had no objections. Since they were now married, a request like this was reasonable. So she obediently nodded her head as she replied, "I agree!"


After the two made their verbal agreement, Tangning got out of Mo Ting's car and left. Mo Ting's assistant sat himself in the driver's seat and looked at Mo Ting through the rearview mirror, "President, shall we return to the office? Or would you like to return to the mansion to tell the chairman the news?"

"Follow Tangning and report her every move to me!" Mo Ting ordered before stepping out of the car.

Suddenly asking him to marry her, something must have happened!

As the president of an international entertainment agency, of course, he had heard of Tangning before. Once a famous model in the industry, three years ago she suddenly rejected an offer from the top entertainment agency, Star King, resulting in her being blacklisted. Eventually, she announced she would be signing with Tianyi Entertainment and became a hot topic with the boss, Han Yufan.