Male God,Come Here

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    Chapter 2


    Bai Weiwei patted her chest, it was aching so painfully that she could not breathe. She knew she was dying.

    However, she was not willing to let go her resentment. Her position had been stripped and Father still did not know about Bai Yaoyao’s true face.

    Bai Weiwei opened her eyes suddenly to reach out and grabbed Bai Yaoyao’s clothes. She said, “If you dare to hurt Father, I will kill… kill you.”

    Bai Yaoyao nearly threw up at her appearance thus she quickly shook off the hand on her clothes. “What are you worrying about? Anyway, you have to die first. As for Father, after I get his signature on the transfer right letter, I will send him to accompany you.”

    Bai Weiwei was furious. “How dare you!”

    However, that was her last strength. She felt a sudden heartache and everything turned black as her body softened.

    “Yes, I have don’t anything to dare not to. Every time I was forced to see you as my sister, I felt so disgusting that I could die.” Bai Yaoyao said with a smile.

    The tears in Bai Weiwei’s eyes finally fell as if to mock for her own stupidity.

    Suddenly, Bai Yaoyao’s tone changed to somber. She leaned forward to support her body.

    “Sister, sister, what’s wrong with you? Big Brother Ye, come quickly and see if my sister is fine…”

    Bai Weiwei opened her eyes and saw Ye Yuxuan coming over, he had an imposing aura, flawlessly handsome yet his expression was so cold and dreadful. It was as if the death of his fiancee had nothing to do with him.

    Behind him was her father.

    Father…but she had no more strength to speak.

    She felt like her soul was floating.

    Bai Yaoyao cried sorrowfully, “Sister don’t leave me. Why didn’t you take your medicine? Why are you so careless? I am saddened.”

    Bai Weiwei felt sick. No one could reveal the true face of this woman if she died. How did she believe she was so pitiful before?

    Truly a disgusting white lotus.

    [Ding, opening the Male Lead Guidance System, requesting Host to be prepared for binding.]

    System, what?

    [Detecting a huge amount of grievances in the Host. The Host can stay alive if she agreed to fulfill the wishes.]

    Fulfilling the wishes?

    Bai Weiwei looked at her body that already no longer breathing below and Bai Yaoyao sullenly plunged into the arms of her (BWW) fiance, crying while showing a smile.

    A flash of hate appeared in her eyes. “Can I come back?”

    [As long as the Host has accumulated enough affection points, you can come back.]

    Bai Weiwei saw her father hopelessly kneeling and crying beside her body, she gritted her teeth and let the tears fell, “I agreed to bind a contract, just let me live and let me come back.”]

    [Ding, the Host has agreed, binding process is starting, the binding is at 50%, 90%, 100%…Beginner pack has been unlocked and the Host’s original body has obtained 10 health points. Use it immediately?]

    Bai Weiwei did not hesitate to say: “Yes.”

    She did not know what was a system but even if she had to trade with the devil, she would not hesitate to sell her soul.

    She didn’t want to die when she saw no value in her being dead.

    [The Host’s original body can maintain a three-day sleep when used (the health points).]

    Suddenly, Bai Weiwei’s father, Bai Changyan shouted, “Look, my daughter is not dead. She’s still breathing.”

    This sentence immediately caused a commotion.

    But Bai Weiwei could not witness it as she was pulled into a white light by the system.