Stunning Edge

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    Chapter 1


    Chapter 1: Handsome-Male Chasing Girl

    “Nancy, wait for me!” a pretty blonde girl called childishly, gathering her skirt under her. The mere sound of her voice would almost give one goosebumps. She rushed forward, running after a disappearing figure. The figure was tall and thin, with long, flowy maroon hair that could capture one’s heart. He gave no indication to stop or look back. Although his decision was perfectly clear, the girl behind him continued to chase.

    Seeing this, the pretty girl increased her pace, concern written all over her face. Following behind her was a handsome man in black. His breathing was controlled and his steps were steady.  A long sword was strapped to his waist. He followed the girl without emotion, seeming cold and aloof.

    “Jean, stop the second prince! Hurry! He’s about to leave.” The pretty girl stopped walking, livid, and stamped her feet at the young man behind her. “Are you blind.?Can’t you see he’s about to leave?!”

    “Miss, my duty is only to protect you,” the handsome young man replied quietly with an attitude that was neither respectful nor overbearing.  In the depths of his eyes were loathing and disdain, but of course the girl didn’t see it. His meaning was very clear: my job is to protect you, not to help you chase men.

    “You!” The girl’s complexion darkened with fury and she stamped her foot while shouting angrily, “You dare disobey my order! Just wait until I tell  Grandfather! You’re supposed to be my knight,  but you actually have such an arrogant attitude!” After spitting out these words, the girl lifted up her skirt hem to run after the second prince again.

    Jean followed coldly without a word. This kind of farce happened often. Every time the foolish young girl met a handsome man, she would buzz around them like a bee seeing fresh flowers, always buzzing and never stopping, annoying the men so much it became unbearable. The second prince had already been bothered many times. This time, he was only trying to visit the duke but tragically, he bumped into the lady. Seeing the hurriedly escaping second prince, Jean felt sympathy.

    The second prince rushed out the entrance, jumped in the carriage and told the coachman to return to the palace. The coachman was confused by the second prince’s haste, but then he saw the blonde girl giving chase  and understood immediately. So it was the Hill family’s male-chaser! Although this male-loving lady from the Hill family was not favored, she was still the granddaughter of Duke Hill. The coachman understood that naturally, the second prince would not be impolite to the lady for fear of offending  the Duke Hill, so he quickly whipped the horses for the carriage to start moving. The pretty girl ran to the entrance, only to see the carriage already leaving. She got so mad, her face was red and her whole body was shaking. As a chamberlain who happened to be leading a horse passed by, she grabbed the whip out of his hands, got on the horse, and cracked the whip to pursue.

    “Miss!” Jean’s expressionless face flickered. This obstinate, male-chasing lady, did she forget that she doesn’t know how to ride?! Can chasing men unlock hidden talents? Jean  humphed coldly. Although he looked down on her, he still had to ensure her safety, so he prepared to run after her. He looked for a horse, but there were no more at the entrance. Meanwhile, the lady’s figure became smaller and smaller.

    The servants at the gate watched, stunned. Who knew that this male-chasing, incapable Miss could release such potential for the sake of chasing men! As a member of the Hill family, she had completely shamed her family name. With absolutely no horsemanship and a great hatred of studying – in short, she knew nothing that she should. This was also why Duke Hill disliked her.

    Just when Jean frowned and was about to use Dou Qi to catch up, the male-chasing, headstrong young girl was thrown off the horse. As she cried out, her petite frame fell onto the ground. By now, the second prince’s carriage already had been long gone.

    Jean frowned and caught up to the girl on the ground. Looking at the unconscious Miss, Jean frowned even more. This time, it was his mistake. Never would he have even imagined that the lady would make such a senseless decision.

    After the Miss was escorted back to the castle, everything  become chaotic. Her grandfather, Duke Gordan Hill wasn’t at home, nor was her father. Her mother was the only one present.

    In a magnificent bedroom, on a huge gold gilded, luxurious poster bed with soft, thick bedding, the young girl lay, still unconscious and pale. A golden haired, beautiful woman sat next to the bed, worry etched on her face. The similar features of the two illustrated that the beautiful woman was the girl’s mother, Katherine Hill. Contrary from her foolish, obstinate daughter, Katherine was a kind and virtuous woman instead. Anxious over the girl on the bed, she felt resigned. This daughter of hers, no one in the family liked her, not even her father, grandfather or even her brother; they all didn’t like her very much. It was all because of her personality. No one knew whose attitude her’s resembled.

    A doctor went over promptly, and after a careful examination, concluded that the young lady was fine. They only needed to wait for her to wake up.

    “Madam, it was my fault for not protecting the Miss, putting her in this kind of a situation,” Jean confessed. He lowered his head, standing aside while saying in a low tone for forgiveness, “I accept any punishment.”

    “No, Jean.” Katherine smiled and shook her head, resignation in her voice. “I understand this child’s personality. It was not your fault. You may leave.”

    Jin Yan hesitated for a moment, but bowed his head and left. Only Katherine remained in the room.

    In the evening, the girl on the bed slowly moved her fingers, seemingly about to awaken.

    “Claire!” Katherine, who had been staying next to her all this time, cried her name out joyfully, grabbing the hand of the girl on the bed.

    The girl on the bed slowly opened her eyes but didn’t speak.

    “Claire, how do you feel? Let me see,” Katherine asked eagerly as she happily supported the girl up.

    But the person on the bed still didn’t speak. Katherine hugged her with small sobs. No one was willing to visit Claire, her darling child, even though she was knocked unconscious in an accident. Not even her grandfather, father, or brother after arriving home, visited her once. The unjust treatment pained her.

    The pretty blonde girl on the bed opened her eyes, looked coldly at her surroundings. For a moment, her eyes showed a sliver of confusion but disappeared quickly, replaced by a cold, profound look.

    “Claire, how do you feel? Dizzy? Hungry?” Kathleen asked, concerned, while suppressing tears.

    The young girl looked at her reflection in the beautiful woman’s irises, immediately understanding. She replied quietly, “Yes, I am a bit hungry.”

    “Ok, Claire, just a moment, I’ll call people to send food.” Katherine, delighted,  stood up quickly but wobbled because she had sat too long. Immediately, a force propped up her elbow so  she wouldn’t fall. Katherine looked back and saw Claire’s peaceful face. Was it Claire? The thought passed briefly through her mind but she thought nothing of it. She hastened out the door to the waiting maids.

    The young girl on the bed looked around slowly, taking in  the unfamiliar surroundings, squinting, her eyes cold and piercing. She smirked ever so slightly, almost unnoticeably. It was a truly cold look.

    It seems I’m truly dead and my soul has traveled to this foreign world. Based on these elaborate decorations, my new family is both rich and powerful.

    Claire Hill. Was this the name of the previous owner of the body? The person on the bed with cold eyes massaged her temples gently. Her head hurt so much it felt like it would split while the past memories of the body began to combine with her own.

    The more memories surfaced, the stranger her facial expression became, because the memories had such limited information. Most were memories of beautiful men,  all chaotic and useless. The only useful piece of information was that her family seemed to be very prominent in its country.

    The young lady’s eyes became slits as she let out a long breath.

    Claire Hill. The lady lowered her head slowly. This will be my name from now on.